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Hello friends. We are glad to welcome you our website on wholesale of bananas for residents. A kilo of bananas price. Here you can buy wholesale and get acquainted with grades, characteristics and conditions of storage of bananas. Orders are accepted of any size, for each client individual discounts. Discounts for regular customers. Want even cheaper book right now. It is also possible to buy bananas together with relatives or friends. Review posted on the website, will be a great help for future clients. All fruit is just a treasure trove of useful items, they are very important for the health and active life. For the winter need to stock up to buy a traditional winter fruit like bananas. Bananas wholesale. Buy bananas and can be as fruit on the table, and as a component for other dishes, such as banana cake or cake, or milkshake with banana and vanilla.

Varieties of bananas

country, where most often arrive to us bananas — Ecuador. There are several varieties of this fruit: Cavendish, Manzano, Plantin, Baby or finger banana, red banana and even blue banana. Backpack with bananas to buy. On the shelves you can find Cavendish, but on the Internet and on the shelves you can order other bananas. The price of them varies depending on the variety. Cavendish is the most popular banana variety in the world. The peel is yellow with small brown patches. The flesh is medium density with a traditional taste. The dwarf banana is different from the ordinary, in addition to the size, and even more intense sweet taste and soft flesh. This small fruit is often used for baking. Barro-unusual banana square shape with the aroma and flavor of lemon. Mansano variety is also characterized by an unusual Apple-strawberry flavor. The peel of Mature Manzano blackens. Red banana is easy to distinguish from other peel color — Burgundy. The taste of this variety is sweeter than the yellow counterparts. Banana boxes sale. Blue banana will be an unusual snack due to the unusual bluish color of the rind and soft creamy taste. Plantayn differs from other varieties that are not eaten raw. From it prepare the famous banana chips.

The use of bananas

Unlike most fruits, the banana can not boast of a high content of vitamins. But these fruits are an invaluable source of potassium and magnesium. And the banana contains tryptophan, which our body turns into pleasure hormone serotonin. Banana seeds to buy. The value of bananas — is not only contained in their vitamins, but also the nutritional value of these fruits. They contain sugar-fructose, glucose and sucrose. It is profitable to buy bananas in bulk. The price of such goods will be pleased with. And these fruits can be stored for a long time.

How to store?

Long-term storage of bananas require dry packing and low positive temperatures. Usually store these fruits in cardboard boxes. Due to its shape in one box is placed less weight bananas than other fruits, so you need to calculate the required storage area in advance. Job Manager selling banana. Bananas will survive the winter and spring in a warehouse or in a cellar, will not spoil and will not rot. However, it is important that all the fruits in the box were intact.

It is more profitable to buy bananas wholesale

It is important to choose a reliable supplier. After all, how much quality goods will come depends on the length of its storage. If you buy inexpensive low-quality goods, it will not last a month. One or two rotten bananas are enough to spoil the whole party. No, it is important to buy bananas in bulk from those who are professionally engaged in wholesale deliveries of vegetables and fruits and guarantees the quality of their products. It is convenient to buy fruit in the online store. The rising price of bananas. No need to go anywhere, choose, just a few clicks to make an order and soon the goods will be delivered to the specified address. Sale bananas wholesale, and also other vegetables and fruit — specialization of shop. Buying here is profitable, and most importantly-we guarantee the quality of the goods.

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How to buy bananas in bulk?

You have decided on the choice of the necessary varieties and the number of bananas in bulk, fill out the online application form. You still have questions about the products, the best experts will gladly help you to understand everything. Just fill out the feedback form. Where to buy bananas. Banana seller wholesale will contact you for a detailed discussion of the terms: the form of payment, method and delivery time. Fast freight car courier will deliver your order after payment. Fragrant bananas, eat!

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